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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

The Hilaritas podcast with Oz Fritz


Listening to the Oz Fritz episode of the Hilaritas Press podcast made me want to re-read Masks of the Illumnati and the Schroedinger's Cat trilogy once again, as Oz apparently has recently done. There's discussion of Kabbalah, an interestingly topical oddity in the Cat books, a book recommendation, and talk about Oz' interest in Bob Dylan, among other topics. Not too much about Oz' work as a recording engineer and producer, but I had the feeling listening to the podcast that Oz could talk for hours about different topics. I do wish there had been a bit more discussion about Oz' interest in music. 

You can read Oz' blog, The Oz Mix. And here's an Oz piece on Dylan that fits in with the discussion on the podcast. Other related links at the first link in this post. 

Next month's episode is anarchist writer Wayne Price discussing Peter Kropotkin. 


Oz Fritz said...

Thank-you, Tom, for summarizing my recent Hilaritas podcast and posting links to my blog.

I received a Christmas gift, recently featured here, that combines three of my interests, philosophy, music and Dylan - the book The Philosophy of Modern Song by Bob Dylan.

I'm interested to see where Dylan goes with the philosophy. Will he draw on the more traditional, establishment route with Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Kant, etc. or perhaps he'll looking at some of the more outside sages like Leibniz, Spinoza, Hume and Nietzsche, or maybe a combination of both? I've only skimmed a bit of the book but did see that he called Perry Como the anti-Frank Sinatra indicating, perhaps, a reference to Hegel's dialectics.

Anonymous said...

OZ: I've never seen anyone comment in a satisfying way about the Tarot cards hidden in Dylan - especially in Idiot Wind - you write about that anywhere?

Hugh said...

Oh boy, Kropotkin is next? So exciting. For anyone interested, check out PM Press’s beautifully illustrated version of Mutual Aid as well as their collected writings volume.

Oz Fritz said...

Anonymous, I haven't written about Tarot cards in Dylan. Tarot cards also turn up in Changing of the Guard from Street Legal.

quackenbush said...