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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

RAW's class on conpiracies

Prop Anon, who previously posted Robert Anton Wilson's class assignments for RAW's Maybe Logic Academy classes in Non Euclidean Politics and the Tale of the Tribe, has now begun posting more RAW material at this Chapel Perilous website.

This time, it's RAW's assignments for his MLA class on conspiracy theories. In the first posting on his site, Prop explains, "Conspiracy, Coincidence, and Code was part of RAW’s first batch of classes that were launched in 2004. This class, in particular, ran in the later part of 2004, and was a 12-week course. Wilson was in full form with this class, as he utilized his book Everything is Under Control as a workbook for participants to examine, analyze, and extrapolate upon what we learned. As such Everything Is Under Control was a required text, as was his third installment in the Cosmic Trigger series, Cosmic Trigger 3: My Life After Death. The last book requirement was a curious work from James DeMeo, entitled Saharasia. Wilson liked this book, as he believed DeMeo provided strong social scientific foundation to the claims made by Wilhelm Reich concerning the 'emotional plague'.”

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