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Thursday, March 17, 2022

Website update

If Masks of the Illuminati is one of  your favorite RAW books, you can read a series of blog posts about it. 

If you look at the right side of this website, you'll see a link for "Prometheus Rising Discussion Group," which has an archive of links to all 73 blog posts so far in the ongoing discussion group; I had gotten behind, but now I'm caught up.

We've had quite a few online discussion groups on this blog, and I've put up links to all of them, as a convenient archive for anyone who might be interested.  There have been discussion groups for Illuminatus!, Nature's God, The Widow's Son, The Earth Will Shake, Email to the Universe, Cosmic Trigger, Coincidance, Masks of the Illuminati and Quantum Psychology, which I guess speaks to my persistence, if not my insight. Some of these were led by me, others by guest contributors. There also were discussion groups for Pale Fire by Vladimir Nabokov and The Beethoven Quartets by Joseph Kerman. So if you are re-reading a favorite RAW book, or trying one for the first time, you can read the old blog posts and compare you impressions with somebody else's. Unfortunately, some of those old blog posts have spam comments; I don't have the time to go back and remove all of them. The more recent online discussions groups should be clean, as I now moderate comments to eliminate the prostitution ads, "join the Illuminati" pitches and other horrible stuff. 

Also: I blogged recently about a jazz "Concert for Ukraine." You can now watch the concert, and there's a button to donate at the link. 

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Eric Wagner said...

What a long, strange trip.