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Thursday, February 17, 2022

Side project now complete

I wanted to briefly report that I have a completed a side project -- Bryan Caplan's Life Advice, a miniblog of 10 reprinted blog posts from an economics professor whose personal advice I admire. There's also a handy link list of the 10 at the upper right of the site if you want to see what Professor Caplan has to say about being happy, or appeasing others.

I got a bit of pushback about the blog from relatives and friends about some of Professor Caplan's political views, which are referenced in some of the posts, but the blog is really not meant to be political. I wanted to collect some of the better advice posts, in a place where they would be handy for me and anyone else who would find them useful. I appreciate getting permission from Professor Caplan and his publisher, the Liberty Fund, for permission to reprint them. A collection of Caplan's advice blog posts will soon be issued as a book, as I report at the blog. 

And regular blogging will continue here; I have news and a short interview lined up already. 

1 comment:

Hugh said...

Oooh, I had forgotten about this since its first announcement. Looking forward to checking it out in its entirety. I very much enjoyed the first few posts I read.

As an aside, allow me to be a counterweight to those giving you pushback for publicizing Caplan's views (: I think it's healthy for your standard, modern liberal to be exposed to someone like Caplan's political views. (I'm making assumptions, clearly, about the political profile of those giving you pushback!)

For me personally, enjoying and appreciating the musings of people I disagree with politically is an ongoing exercise. But I'm getting much better at it. Case in point: Sam Harris. I can listen to him for hours at a time, even though I don't agree with many of his political positions. I've learned so much from him.

I hope others are able to do the same with Caplan, since his life advice seems so wise and valuable.