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Sunday, February 13, 2022

Is the CIA spying on Americans?

The CIA's headquarters in Langley, Virginia

Here's a little bit of Illuminatus! style news: The CIA apparently is spying on Americans, but there isn't much known about the program.

"New spying revelations prove once again Edward Snowden was right" is an article from The Week. And you can read the New York Times article, "CIA Is Collecting in Bulk Certain Data Affecting Americans, Senators Warn."  It does its best to provide some of the murky details, e.g., "The Central Intelligence Agency has for years been collecting in bulk, without a warrant, some kind of data that can affect Americans’ privacy, according to a newly declassified letter by two senators.

"The C.I.A. kept censored the nature of the data when it declassified the letter. At the same time, it declared that a report about the same topic, which had prompted the letter, must remain fully classified, except for some heavily redacted recommendations."

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