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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Hilaritas to publish 'Starseed Signals'

Image from a short Timothy Leary work, Starseed: Transmissions from Folsom Prison.  

Hilaritas Press will publish Starseed Signals: Link Between Worlds, a never-published Robert Anton Wilson book written in 1974 apparently exploring the ideas of Timothy Leary. The "lost" book has been known about for years thanks largely to Discordian scholar and author Adam Gorightly  and there was a previous attempt to publish it that was never completed.

The announcement came as part of a discussion on Twitter and the dialogue is worth reproducing. (Prop Anon is a New York City writer, musician and activist wrapping up a biography of Robert Anton Wilson. Hilaritas Press is the publishing imprint of the Robert Anton Wilson Trust. I don't know Neurophere but there's a website.)

PROP ANON @PropAnon Jun 10

Robert Anton Wilson made the case for Abolishing Prisons in his unpublished book STARSEED SIGNALS
RAW hung out w Black Panthers & got the idea from them
Shout Out to Adam Gorightly for locating the book
Maybe one day it will be published

Neurosphere @neurolobster Jun 10

wait what? Unpublished RAW???

PROP ANON @PropAnon Jun 11
Wilson wrote a book called "Starseed Signals"
in 1974. It focused on the work of Timothy Leary. In it RAW advocated the immediate release of his buddy
Much of the work was recycled into later writings like Cosmic Trigger when the book wasn't published
But there's stuff in there

The Robert Anton Wilson Trust @TheRAWTrust June 13

The RAW Trust's Hilaritas Press will be publishing "The Starseed Signals: Link Between Worlds." We don't know the exact date, but it's coming up fairly soon!

It turns out that only a little in The Starseed Signals made it into Cosmic Trigger, so a lot of "new" RAW to read!!

PROP ANON @PropAnon June 13

Replying to

That's great news

That's about all I know at this point. I've never seen the manuscript. More in my earlier blog postings about the "lost" book, here and here.


Oz Fritz said...

Excellent news!

Anonymous said...

Iain Spence:
This must be one of the most strangest and most interesting posts to appear in your blog yet. I wonder how big it is? I'm sure someone once said it was lengthy...but maybe I imagined that.
Thank you Hilaritas : )

Chad said...

How exciting! Thank the Good Lord!

Adam Gorightly said...

Starseed Signals is a good sized book. Think Cosmic Trigger Vol. 1 size. Or a bit longer. And yes there is a lot of overlap with Cosmic Trigger 1 because Starseed was basically the proto for Cosmic Trigger, just rejiggered. Like with a lot of stuff, RAW dusted it off and repurposed the original manuscript, took out some stuff that wasn't relevant and relaunched it as Cosmic Trigger Vol. 1.

Anonymous said...

From Iain:
Thank you for the extra details. I enjoyed both VALIS and Radio Free Albemuth. That's to say, I never felt cheated to encounter PK Dick's biographical details twice. So I think something similar will happen when I read Robert's Starseed Signals.
I was reminded of RAW's old title to his Green Egg article, 1975: Starseed Rises, Like the Phoenix, From its Ashes.

So Bob is back : )