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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Ten years of 'The Oz Mix'

Oz Fritz in the studio with the band Achilles Wheel 

By Eric Wagner
Special guest blogger

On June 11, 2010, the blog The Oz Mix manifested from the mind of Oz Fritz. I find the fact that this long running blog started the day after RAWIllumination an interesting synchronicity. I had known Oz from his participation at the Maybe Logic Academy. Oz works as a music producer and engineer, and he had a lot of interesting comments at MLA drawn from his experiences in music as well as in conscious brain change. We had a read through of Rafi Zabor’s The Bear Comes Home, and Oz had wonderful, rich comments about that novel.

 In his blog he has reflected on his many interests, from Pynchon to Kabbalah to Deleuze. I remember one interesting piece on Led Zeppelin. While reading it my mind wandered in the Tolkienian space of Zeppelin lyrics, and when my mind returned to the article, I thought it a blog by Michael Johnson. I became confused as I read on and realized my mistake. Or perhaps Oz sent me to a universe next door.

 I always find Oz’s writing interesting, and I appreciate his insights. Thank you, Oz. (Pay no attention the to magus behind the curtain.)


Oz Fritz said...

Thank-you, Eric. I didn'know about the synchronicity with RawIllumination.

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

I did not know about the synchronicity either, and I appreciated the post because Oz has always been great to me. One example: When I was leading the "Illuminatus!" reading group, I suspected I didn't know enough to write about the black mass scene in Chicago. When I asked Oz for help, he immediately stepped in with a guest post.

Rarebit Fiend said...

Neat! Oz is the MVP of out reading groups! I've learned a lot from Oz, Tom, and Eric over the years.

Eric Wagner said...

Most welcome, Oz. Thank you for your blog.

Tom, I’ve heard stories about those black masses you used to run....