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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Maybe Day Is Coming!

July 23rd 2020

Possibly! Potentially! Probably!

By Bobby Campbell
Special guest blogger

Actually, most definitely, but in keeping with the spirit of the day perhaps there should remain an air of mystery.

I'm happy to say that the virtual organization of a collaborative digital RAW event is coming together quite nicely.

On July 23'rd we're on schedule to release:


A digital zine powered by the negative entropy of Maybe Logic.
Featuring art & philosophizing by a cavalcade of RAW exegetes.
Very much a throwback to the old Maybe Quarterly days.
(Also, there's still time to submit, hit me up,

Mike Gathers, of, is prepping a microbook on the 8 circuit model.
I just got my first look at it today and it is substantial!


A series of neuro-electrifying video presentations.
I'll be releasing a talk called "LIVING IN A RAW WORLD"
We've got PQ discussing Finnegans Wake and the I-Ching,
Brenton Clutterbuck on Chasing Eris, and I believe we'll also be hearing from Steve Fly, Prop Anon, and maybe more!

Also! Just moments ago I recruited Tom Jackson to moderate a zoom panel conversation with as many of our co-conspirators as possible.

And finally, we've got a mini Maybe Logic Academy reunion already starting to gather over at the Only Maybe Arts Lab:

Which will also be the main social venue for the event. A place to cuss and discuss the possibilities of what may or may not be :)))


Eric Wagner said...

Sounds great!

tony smyth said...

Good Work Bobby, and to everyone else involved. Look forward to it.