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Friday, June 5, 2020

Cosmic Trigger II audiobook released

Hilaritas Press has announced the release of a new audiobook: Cosmic Trigger II, narrated by Oliver Senton, who portrayed RAW in Daisy Campbell's production of the Cosmic Trigger Play.

While I welcome all Hilaritas Press announcements, Cosmic Trigger II is a book I'm particularly fond of. I know that most RAW fans would likely prefer the first Cosmic Trigger. If you like audiobooks, you don't have to choose, because there's an Oliver Senton-narrated audiobook for it, too.  (I now have both audiobooks on my phone.)

You will want to read the whole announcement, because as with many other such announcements, a particular highlight is Christina Pearson's contribution, which includes memories about what life on the farm was like, when her family tried going back to the land in Ohio:

On the homestead our family lived in an old ramshackle 2-room house, where we took our baths in a big tin tub (see picture!) that would get pulled out and put on the floor in the kitchen, and filled from the hose attached to the kitchen sink), and used the outhouse out back for going to the bathroom. (imagine telling your 6 year-old daughter she needs to go poop in the outhouse while it was 19 degrees out and icy! Yep . . . we just cried so us kids ended up getting a chamber-pot (read pot with lid) we could use inside the big house to keep from freezing our little rear-ends off that winter . . .)

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