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Friday, May 22, 2020

Pinch to release 'Reality Tunnels'

Pinch aka Rob Ellis

News on the British dubstep musical artist Pinch, and his new album, Reality Tunnels, out next month:

Reality Tunnels is "the producer’s first solo album in 13 years, the title of which comes from American author and futurist Robert Anton Wilson’s 1983 book Prometheus Rising.

“In essence, the concept of a reality tunnel relates to an idea on how we create our own perspective”, explains Ellis, “the subjective filter that we each apply to the world around us; the things we perceive and what our consciousness deems worthy of attention, i.e. what we see and hear is entirely relative to what we do not.”

More here and also here.

Hat tip: Nick Helweg-Larsen.


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Eric Wagner said...

I often refer to Pynchon as the Pynch.