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Saturday, May 9, 2020

Housekeeping update

I've created a set of links at the top right of this page for the new Nature's God reading group, to make it easy to stay in touch with the group. We're not very far along, so grab a copy of the book and join in!

I have updated "Robert Anton Wilson Resources" to list the new RAW Semantics blog.  "Feature Articles and Interviews" has been updated with three major new pieces by Gregory Arnott -- his discussion of the occult aspects of Twin Peaks and his reviews of new books by Daisy Campbell and John Higgs. I've also updated the "Official News."

Updating the links is a work in progress, but I like to think there's a lot of good material on the right side of the page for the serious RAW fan to browse. This is mostly due to other people, not me. Suggestions for other updates and for ways to make this site more useful are welcome.

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