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Saturday, May 2, 2020

A new RAW blog: 'RAW semantics'

Check out a new player on the RAW scene: RAW Semantics, a new blog.

I had not heard about it until yesterday, and apparently it is new (the blog entries are not dated) but it already has close to a dozen entries. The "About" section (it doesn't identify the writer) says,

"The idea was to set up a modest blog to encourage me to re-read my favourite RAW-related books and write an ongoing commentary on them from a perspective that hasn’t already been tried (to my knowledge).

"It would not have a wide appeal, but it might interest a few Robert Anton Wilson aficionados.

"I started putting it together in summer 2019, but then soon got diverted to other things. Now, with more time on my hands (lockdown, as of now), I’ve started to add more, and will continue."

One of the entries, "Wilson becomes a liberal," gives background on some of the passages in Cosmic Trigger 2, one of my favorite RAW books.

Along with the blog entries, there's a nice collection of RAW-related links. (The Wayback machine is used to restore links from RAW's old website.)

There's also a new Twitter account promoting the blog. 

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