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Sunday, May 3, 2020

This is a good time to buy Prop Anon's music

Prop Anon is a New York City musician, writer, political activist and all around interesting person who also has just completed a new biography of Robert Anton Wilson.

Like many avant garde New York City types, Prop has a day job to pay the bills. (I own a fair amount of music by famed composer Philip Glass, who no longer has to work as a taxi driver and plumber.)

Unfortunately, Prop's job has disappeared during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Conveniently, however, Prop's musical recordings are available for purchase on Bandcamp, and Bandcamp has a temporary policy of letting artists keep artists keep 100 percent of the money from the sales of their music. So this is an opportune time to buy his music.

Tracks from Prop's hip hop album, Squat the Condos, are available, including the track "Ayahuasca Metropolis" which is the recommended track for RAW fans.

Or you can buy Prop's Fuck Satan, Hail Eris EP. Hail Eris is Prop's stoner punk band. Prop says his favorite tracks from the album are "Kallisti" and "Frozen in Time."

See my interesting 2016 interview with Prop, which includes the official music video for "Kallisti."

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