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Saturday, September 7, 2019

RAW reviews 'Junky'

Another interesting find from Martin Wagner: A review by Robert Anton Wilson of William Burroughs' Junky.  Opening sentences: "In 1957, looking at 100 pages of an unpublished book by William S. Burroughs called Naked Lunch, I said, 'This man is the greatest prose stylist since James Joyce.' I believe that my opinions on every other subject in the galaxy have changed in the two decades since I made that judgement, but my opinion of Bill Burroughs hasn’t changed. This man is still the greatest prose stylist since James Joyce.


Eric Wagner said...

Thanks Martin and Tom. I found Burroughs very intimidating when I met him on October 23, 1983.

supergee said...

Now that we’re questioning the racism of founders like Lovecraft & Campbell, could we also look at Burroughs’s belief that women are evil space aliens?