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Sunday, September 22, 2019

British Discordian photos

A couple of photos that recently caught my eye on Twitter:

Caption from Ben Graham: "Just another Friday night at Castle Perilous. photo by Kieron Handley via Marc Rason." Source.

As I understand it, these folks are in a genuine medieval castle, and they seem to be sitting around a round table, although I'm not sure how a guy playing an accordion fits into the picture.

This is from Daisy Eris Campbell on Twitter: "Last day of being 40. What a year..."

I asked what was happening in the photo and Daisy replied, "The opening ritual of the #Cerne2CERN pilgrimage, with us all in ceremonial false teeth and sperm hats, obvs!"

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MBG said...

You might enjoy my *really long* essay that I published yesterday.