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Sunday, September 15, 2019

A request from Rasa

The above was posted on Facebook by Rasa, who also writes (excerpts):

"Removing illegal downloads is an ongoing effort and a time-consuming task that just eats into our small income. As an example, we recently we found Scott Beard offering to give away our books illegally. He has not responded to our request to desist. [Beard now says he has removed it -- The Management.] The RAW Trust, Hilaritas Press and the RAW Trust Advisors have spent countless hours working on keeping RAW's books in print. If they are continually stolen like this, we cannot afford to continue.

"If there are any lawyers willing to help pro bono with our efforts at stopping this kind of theft, please contact us. We are reluctant to take from our tiny profits any funds to fight this kind of illegal activity, but we are forced to do so, or Hilaritas Press will no longer be able to exist. It's a Catch-22: we don't make enough in publishing profits to keep up with people stealing our product.

"We are really sorry to have to make this announcement. Some of you know me personally, and you know that I am working more than full time on RAW projects, and the meager profits we make from book sales provides a poverty level income. I am not rich, and so every time I see someone offering a bootlegged RAW title, I know that someone just made my life much more difficult. RAW's daughter, sharing the responsibilities of running the RAW Trust and Hilaritas Press, is in a similar situation. Most of the hours we spend on RAW work is a labor of love because we cannot afford to pay ourselves a normal salary. We are, however, trying to stay afloat. Please help us out!"

More here.


Oz Fritz said...

Also, theft possibly brings bad karma. Can't be 100% certain of this, but why take the chance?

Unknown said...

There's no excuse for pirating RAW, especially considering the amazing bargains to be found on ebay: Quantum Psychology for around £3, Coincidance at £4, and that includes postage. Some of us brits are old enough to remember having to order several Falcon Press titles for a group of mates, getting an international cheque made out to US dollars, waiting an eternity to get the books. Things have certainly changed.
Thank you Hilaritus for all your good work, much of which I imagine is unpaid.
Google can be very effective at removing links to pirated sites, but I guess you already know that. Best regards...
Iain Spence