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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Dolphins and John Lilly

John Lilly

Days of the Dolphin: Cetaceans in Cold War Science and Science Fiction (Part One) by Michael Grasso does not get around to giving examples of dolphins in science fiction. We have to wait for the sequel, which Grasso promises to offer soon. But his summary of the research of John Lilly leaves little doubt in my mind that Lilly's writings helped inspire the character of Howard the dolphin in Illuminatus! Lilly and RAW were mutual admirers, so I was interested in Grasso's piece. 

Thanks to Jesse Walker for calling my attention to the piece. 

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Branka Tesla said...

I like Lilly's blurb on RAW : "A Super-Genius...He has written everything I was afraid to write."

While reading Lilly's "Lilly on Dolphins - Humans of the Sea" I learned that Aristotle was the first scientist to study and write about dolphins.

I find it interesting how enthusiastic and idealistic the scientists sounded in 50's and 60's in predicting the extraterrestrial communication possibly happening within next 20 years (it has been now some 60-70 years); although Lilly seemed to be aware that most scientists and some government agencies appear more prepared for the detection of nonhuman beings from outside the earth than dealing with them.

And I like Lilly's advise: "I advise all extraterrestrial visitors to avoid man. He is dangerous, unpredictable, powerful, "bright animal", operating in murderous concert."  (Lilly on Dolphins, Anchor Press 1975, p.222)