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Saturday, July 28, 2018

At Confluence with the RAW fans

I'm at Confluence in Pittsburgh, where Bobby Campbell is exhibiting his interior illustrations for the Historical Illuminatus! books just republished by Hilaritas Press.  To protect the copyrights of the artists, photography inside the art show is not allowed, but I was given permission to take a photo at the entrance of the art show, and as you can see, Bobby's display is visible from the hallway. Bobby could not get to the convention right away, so Greg Arnott and I saw his display before Bobby did.

This is the artwork that Rasa posted at the Hilaritas Press announcement. Greg explained many of the symbols and details in Bobby's work to me, and pointed out the Ouroboros at the top of the picture.

Also Friday, I interviewed Propaganda Anonymous (with some help from Greg) on  Skype about his upcoming biography of Robert Anton Wilson. It was a meaty interview, lasting about an hour. I've made an MP3 audio file of the interview which I'll release soon.

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