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Thursday, October 5, 2017

MC5 in Rock Hall of Fame?

 MC5 in 2005 (Creative Commons photo)

The MC5 have just been  nominated to be included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland (along with 18 other acts). 

I mention that here because there's an amusing reference to the band in Illuminatus! As you will no doubt recall, the Illuminati control all of the companies issuing rock music, and as John Dillinger explains to Joe Malik, "We were ignoring that front until they got the MC-5 to cut a disc called 'Kick Out The Jams' just to taunt us with old bitter memories."


Rarebit Fiend said...

Fred "Sonic" Smith is being inducted into the WV Music Hall of Fame this year as well. I'm going to try to get tickets since Patti is accepting the award.

michael said...

Jazz poet John Sinclair got 10 yrs when cops planted a joint on him. He managed the MC5, who played a free concert outside the Czechago '68 Dem Convention.

RAW knew Sinclair.

At the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam in 2000, RAW:

"I basked in my glory as oldest pioneer at the table, meanwhile wondering how my four decades on pot have fucked up mah pore ole haid. In that whole time I only produced 11 novels, 2 screenplays, one stage play, 20 nonfiction books and a few thousand short articles and poems. Could I have done better without the Hoodoo Weed? I puzzled over that, meanwhile puzzling over the ineluctable fact that John Sinclair didn't look at all like I remembered him."
-p.23, TSOG: The Thing That Ate The Constitution

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

And Sinclair has worked on podcasts and other projects with our friend Steve Pratt. I knew there was a connection between Sinclair and MC5, but I couldn't remember what it was.