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Saturday, October 14, 2017

I hope the fires stop soon [Updated0

UPDATE: After I wrote my post, Branka Tesla sent me this photo taken at sunset. She says, "The photo was taken on Wednesday (10/11) evening from my balcony in Berkeley/Claremont hills overlooking San Francisco. You can see a thick layer of smoke cap over SF Bay."

Fire in Simi Valley, California, in 2003. Wikimedia Commons photo

On Twitter California resident Ted Hand writes, "Fuuuuuck. Voluntary evacuation zone now two blocks away from my house. I'm not staying there, I'm in a safe place."

This blog probably has more readers in California than in any other state. California is a beautiful state and I am always happy when I have the chance to visit. Stay safe, everyone.

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Branka Tesla said...

The magnitude of this continuing fire seems to be devastating on so many levels: loss of lives; loss of property; lasting environmental pollution; extremely bad air quality not just in Sonoma county but in surrounding counties also; acres and acres of beautiful forests gone; many vineyards and wineries burned; and on and on.

The entire San Francisco Bay area, 55 miles from Santa Rosa, has been affected by this fire. Everything is covered in smoke and with ashes, and it feels as if the fire is burning in your neighborhood. The other evening on local news the meteorologist compared San Francisco air quality with Bei Jing. I never thought I'd hear and experience that in San Francisco.

As I watch on TV big parts of residential areas burnt to the ground, I wonder how many great personal book collections and record collections were gone. I am not much of a jewelry person, but books and records/CDs are my jewels. And since I live in East Bay hills with high fire alert warnings I wondered which books would I take with me in case of the evacuation and the thought of it set me in some sort of panic mode as the list was getting endless.

Sky over SF glows orange due to fire in Sonoma and Napa. Sunsets are unusually dramatic. They are beautiful, although somewhat bitter beautiful.

As a red wine drinker I wonder about the effect on wine industry. I noticed today at Safeway supermarket some empty shelves in wine department. For example: Stags'Leap wines are gone from the shelves. It seems people started to stock up. According to some wine makers in Sonoma and Napa the grapes have absorbed so much smoke due to the fire that they will not be able to use them to make wine this year. If they do, I hope they label all wines made in 2017 appropriately. I don't know......the spirit of Smokey Jones...or something along those lines.