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Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Daily Grail on the new John Higgs book

The Daily Grail runs a long review of John Higgs' new book about English history, Watling Street.

For those of us who love British history (that includes many Americans, such as me), it sounds very interesting:

During the following literary road-trip of Watling Street we glimpse the ghosts of British soldiers burrowing beneath the White Cliffs of Dover while Jesus and Shakespeare pass by above; King Henry II and Thomas Becket at Canterbury; Dickens' Miss Havisham and King Charles II at Rochester; the 'Winchester Geese' haunting London; the World War II code-breakers of Bletchley Parkcomics legends Steve Moore and Alan Moore (no relation) at Shooter's Hill and Northampton respectively; and even Robin Hood and 007, James Bond, turn up - the latter more regularly than you might expect.

I'll get someone in my family to give me the book for Christmas.

The review is attributed to "Greg," who (I think) is Greg Taylor, founder of the website.

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