Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Brian Aldiss has died

Brian Aldiss in 2005. Creative Commons photo by Szymon Sokół.

Science fiction great Brian Aldiss has died; he was a major figure for decades. R.U. Sirius mentioned his psychedelic novel Barefoot in the Head on Twitter; Jesse Walker liked Frankenstein Unbound. My favorite among his novels is The Malacia Tapestry.  But I actually thought his short fiction was particularly good, and so I enjoyed every short story collection of his that I came across. 
The Science Fiction Encylopedia has a long entry on Aldiss.  Supergee posted a nice appreciation. 

An Aldiss quote purportedly praising Robert Anton Wilson as a "genius with a G" (or words to that effect) appears on some of RAW's books, although I thought Aldiss actually was referring to Ken Campbell's production of Illuminatus!, can anyone clarify?  

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Anonymous said...

Genius with a Gee! I suspected irony, but it still inspired my username