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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thursday links

Hakim Bey, the "Temporary Autonomous Zone" guy 

Five strange facts from Stranger Than We Can Imagine. 

Discordian telegram: "Your cucumbers have been poisoned."

I'm glad Michael Johnson has read Johnathan Haidt, because now I feel I don't have to. 

Peter Lamborn Wilson ("Hakim Bey") sound anthology.

Hillary Clinton lost, but she won, anyway. 

K.P. van der Tempel on Magick Will.


Chad N. said...

Relating back to an earlier post this week, I'm nominating PLW's catalog in general as the most important work I've never read.

I listened to a few YouTube interviews with him and knew I had to read his stuff. Went out and bought an anthology of his essays and it's collecting dust on my bookshelf.

He wrote a great obit for RAW. Anyone who hasn't read it should:

And I believe RAW has a really cool review of TAZ in Chaos & Beyond.

michael said...

I love PLW's books. TAZ is a must-read (he inhabits his "Hakim Bey" persona and it really does seem like another writer, which I find marvelous). I read _Pirate Utopias_ last year and was enchanted. His _Escape From the Nineteenth Century_ is PLW at his most counterkulch-intellectual best, as I currently see it. He can get REALLY esoteric when he writes about Islamic mysticism. He's heavily influenced by the scholar Henry Corbin. I haven't followed up on the NAMBLA stuff. He co-edited/co-wrote a thick book on the history of cannabis use that I really like: _Orgies of the Hemp-Eaters_. I like his _Scandal: Essays in Islamic Heresy_, which I read 10 yrs ago, was one of a number of books I read in the wake of 9/11 that obliterated the idea I knew anything about Islam. The picture we get from the mainstream media seems absurdly one-dimensional.

Chad N: yes, RAW gave a great review to TAZ in Chaos and Beyond, pp.227-229. He and PLW enjoyed each other's company, but RAW complained in a talk in San Francisco around 2001 (?) that PLW was still living in the 19th century - despite the title of his then-recent book - : they could correspond more if PLW got an email account. PLW doesn't trust the rush to digital media.

The history of great "Wilson" thinkers is another book I would have loved to read.

Chad N. said...

Wow. Thanks for those recommendations, Michael! I wasn't aware of any of those others except Pirate Utopias.

I looked up Hemp Eaters (unfortunately it's $200 on Amazon) and 19th Century. I will have to buy the latter assuming I enjoy TAZ and the rest of the anthology I have.

Based on his lectures and RAW's praise for him, I have a feeling I'm going to like his writing.

JCG said...

@michael: is there a copy of the lecture where RAW mentions PLW still living in the 19th century, or did you hear it live?

There is also a video of them lecturing together:

Another tid-bit: they co-edited an anthology of cyberpunk together, Semiotext(e) SF