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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Bombs away!

Ben Norton

From Salon (a publication I wouldn't ordinarily link to very often these days): "Obama 'on verge of. launching another bombing campaign in Libya, after dropping 23,144 bombs on six countries in 2015."  

A couple of sentences  from the article by Ben Norton: "The U.S. is a country at perpetual war; it persistently uses bombs to try to solve the very problems its own bombs created.

"There hasn’t been much media attention devoted to covering the buildup to yet another military conflict in Libya — but there hasn’t been much media attention devoted to covering the numerous other ongoing U.S. wars either, not to mention the almost non-existent coverage of the disastrous aftermath of the 2011 NATO war, so this is ultimately not surprising."

More here.  Worth  a read.

The article came out on Feb. 10, and predicted the new airstrikes that took place Friday.  Apparently there IS more to Salon than silly partisan rot.

Ben Norton is on Twitter.