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Monday, February 15, 2016

Peter Lanborn Wilson on RAW

Peter Lanborn Wilson

Thanks to Chad Nelson, in the comments on this post, for calling my attention to Peter Lanborn Wilson's obituary for Robert Anton Wilson. It's worth a read.

"Bob was a Futurist and I am a Luddite, but after a long series of letters back and forth we agreed to disagree on the subject of technology, since neither of us wanted to put ideology in the place of camaraderie."

RAW's "futurist," optimistic take on the Internet meshes nicely with the outlook of Mike Masnick; see the interview I referenced here. 


Anonymous said...

It might be worth correcting the typo in the title. I imagine P.L.W. would be horrified to be Local-Area-Network-born! That dubious honour is reserved for those of us in the Internets, for good or ill.

I hadn't read the obituary before. Also, thank you very much indeed for the link to his poetry readings - great material.

It's good to know what he's been up to recently. I'd recommend Pirate Utopias highly, though sadly some of his works seem quite hard to find.

I found his work not long after stumbling upon Robert Anton Wilson, and like RAW, was instantly transfixed. In the same way RAW turned me onto Leary, John C. Lilly and science fiction , P.L.W turned me onto poetry, Bill Laswell, Burroughs, Christopher Hill etc.

Both have enlightened this poor commentator with new and incredible ways of perceiving the world.

If anyone is interested, has quite a selection of good P.L.W material, such as tape recordings of talks he gave at Naropa and so on.

Chad N. said...

I'm interested in Pirate Utopias. That the one you recommend most?

I started reading my Immediatism anthology and have so far found it a little inaccessible. Like it's written in a language I don't understand.

Does one have to acclimate to his writing style and views? Or do you think I've stumbled upon some of his more obtuse theoretical writings?

Drew said...

It's obtuse, but I guess the style and content is firmly in the tradition of baudraillard's hyper-realist view. There is a lot to be worked out, but bassically he is saying that monetary speculation is not real but it is replacing the real in our considerations. He is against "spooks" and the sublimating of them into gods.

In baudrillards view of the world, the map becomes the territory or indistinguishable from it the more we are immersed in those maps. Hakim is saying that this is happening with (speculative) capital. On that note, watch cosmopolis (pretentious nonsense, at times, but it captures the problem quite well)

I hope that helps, it has been a while since I read immediatism.

Chad N. said...

Thanks, Drew! I'm getting at least some of it I guess. There are sections that make sense to me and then long passages of cosmopolis, as you call it.

fyreflye said...


JCG said...

following on the comments from dirtydiscordia, I thought some ppl may like to know that I uploaded some of the best shows from PLW's late-night radio show, The Moorish Orthydox Radio Crusade, on not too long ago:

There is less PLW on these later episodes, but still enjoyable to listen to:

At the risk of over-exposure, I could also direct your attention to some academic work out I have published on PLW:

Lastly, here is an article on PLW, chaos magick, and anarchism. It mentions Discordinanism briefly too:

I hope you enjoy!

Chad N. said...

Wow, thanks!

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