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Friday, December 19, 2014

New book by the Ultraculture guy

Jason Louv

Jason Louv, founder and head honcho of Ultraculture,  has a new book out, Hyperworlds, Underworlds, a collection of his "futurist, outsider journalism."

If you've checked out Mr. Louv's website, or some of his work, you'll notice pretty quickly that Robert Anton Wilson is a big influence on his work. The table of contents lists a piece I previously wrote about. His political stuff has a strong left perspective. If you take advantage of Amazon's invitation to read the preface and check out the table of contents, you probably conclude, as I did, that you'll need to get around to reading this book.

R.U. Sirius wrote the preface. Sirius says it's "really excellent."


Anonymous said...

From reading the Amazon preview, it strikes me as an incredibly gloomy and pessimistic book.

*puts a quarter into the reality tunnel selection machine*

Even if we "are" (and let's not get into an argument over how we work that out) living in a dystopian panopticon, believing that for me it feels like little more than an invitation to live in helpless despair.

And there's quite enough of that going around, thank you.

Unknown said...

I'm not sure I would trust Amazon to really critique something without reading it myself.

John said...
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