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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday links

Mostly politics this time, sorry ....

Arthur Hlavaty on the torture report. "Reminds me of how Nixon lost the presidency because his gang treated the Democratic Party like a Black group or a peace group."

John Higgs on "peak shit" in British politics. If it's true that the leader of the Labour Party "stopped Cameron and Obama starting a war against Syria in which they intended to ally themselves with ISIS" (as I of course assume it is, as John says so), then I would like feel obligated to vote Labour, if I lived in Great Britain, much as I used to vote for my local left Congressman, Dennis Kucinich, because of his record on peace and civil liberties. (The political establishment finally got rid of him using redistricting.)

Was the Discordian Society a CIA front? Excerpt from Adam Gorightly's new book.

James Cauty has a website.

Everybody loses in the UVA rape story. 

Lena Dunham under fire for making stuff up.  In the long run, I would think the revived interest in facts will benefit feminism. And I think campus rape is a big problem; all complaints should be investigated, even ones about your most important football player.

Shoot an unarmed black person, text your union rep. 

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