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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Happy Beethoven celebration

One of the reasons I am interested in Robert Anton Wilson is because he was interested in many of the same things that I am. One of those interests is classical music.

I'm going to write about Beethoven today (and a little bit about Bach and Mozart), so you can skip this post if you don't like classical music. Before you go out the door, though, you may be interested in this video of a cough drop commercial that featured music by Frank Zappa:

A little of info about the commercial is here.

Anyway, Dec. 16 is Ludwig van Beethoven's presumed birthday because he was baptized on Dec. 17, and Eric Wagner sent out a "Happy Beethovenmas" message to me and a few others. RAW wrote a lot about Beethoven, as Eric has documented, and see also here and here, and search "Beethoven" on this blog if you want more.

Amazon has some extremely cheap Beethoven compilations; there are also cheap Mozart and Bach sets (as many of you know, Mozart appears as a character in the "Historical Illuminatus!" novels). And for what it's worth, Spotify is offering three months of premium service for 99 cents. Free Bach albums are available here and here.  See also the links at my favorite classical music blog. Whatever you think about the digital music revolution, it's made life easier for classical music fans who don't have much money.


Oz Fritz said...

Zappa was a musical genius. I'm a big fan, thanks for this. Ludens cough drops recalls the Agape Ludens feast of the Discordians mentioned in this weeks Illuminatus! reading. Maybe that's why you posted it, or just a synch?

John said...
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