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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Rudy Rucker, hanging out with RAW and Terence McKenna

Rudy Rucker, who went to Portugal in 1994 to make a movie called "The Manual of Evasion" that co-starred Robert Anton Wilson and Terence McKenna, has just posted a 30-minute homemade documentary about the experience. Having sat down to watch it, I can report that apparently all women in Portugal are beautiful, or at least all women involved in making weirdo movies. There's even a bit of music -- Rucker singing "Duke of Earl." Rucker and McKenna seem to be having a good time, although RAW seems a bit more conflicted, matching an account Rucker wrote which described RAW as being rather grumpy during the filming. If you don't know him, Rucker is really good writer who has an excellent story in the new Hieroglyph science fiction anthology.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for those links. I enjoyed Rucker's diary entries for the period - a nice mix of observation, archiving, and sensual little asides.

The Manual of Evasion was very entertaining - It's on Youtube here as well. Terence McKenna's performance really is superb.

John said...
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