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Wednesday, May 1, 2024

John Higgs book news: The KLF and the Leary bio

Cover for the new American edition of John Higgs' biography of Timothy Leary. 

Some welcome book news from John Higgs in the latest newsletter: Two of his books of most direct interest to Robert Anton Wilson fans are about to finally be published in the U.S.

As I reported earlier, The KLF finally is going to be published in the U.S. and Canada. Quite a lot about Robert Anton Wilson in the book; it's a really weird and a really interesting book, even if you aren't particularly a KLF fan.

"I’m delighted to report that it will be published by Blackstone on 9th July, in paperback, ebook, and as an audiobook, read by me," John writes. "This is the original text, incidentally, not the 10th anniversary UK edition with the meta-commentary. That would be too bewildering for a book in its first printing. It is the ideal version for forcing on people with no interest in The KLF but who really need to read it nontheless." Here is the pre-order link.

"Not only that, but my first book I Have America Surrounded: The Life of Timothy Leary is also going to be republished in the US, thanks to Open Road. It will be available in print, ebook and audiobook, again read by me, from July 30th." No preorder link yet, but it should be up soon, he says. 

John also recommends a must-see play in London, "This Is Memorial Device," based on a David Keenan novel. He also reports that two Beatles podcasts are ending and discusses his Dr. Who book. 

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