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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Will AI narration of audiobooks by Wilson and Shea become common?

Tyler Cowen has just released a free audiobook of his latest book, GOAT: Who is the Greatest Economist of All Time and Why Does it Matter. Downloads of various editions of the book are here. 

In  blog post announcing the new audiobook, the author writes, "The voice is excellent, can you guess how it was done?  My wife and sister thought it was me. I heartily thank OpenAI for their assistance in this matter." You can check out the audio sample at the link; the use of an AI voice does work well. 

Does this mean that surviving audio of Ernest Hemingway can be used to make audiobooks of his novels? 

Or, putting the question closer to home, there is plenty of audio of both of the authors of Illuminatus!, Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea. Does that mean that AI Wilson will be used to narrate new audiobooks, and AI Shea will be used to narrate audiobooks for Shea's historical novels? 

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