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Thursday, April 11, 2024

Book notes: John Higgs and John Dickson Carr

John Higgs on X/Twitter: "Finally! It's only taken 12 years, but The KLF will be published in North America and Canada on July 9th, thanks to @BlackstoneAudio, on audio read by me as well as paperback and ebook." 

Pre-orders are here.  I don't have information yet about what edition of the book is being published in North America, i.e. whether it's the second edition with the additional footnotes. Quite a lot about Robert Anton Wilson in the book, which is really interesting even if you aren't particularly a KLF fan. 

Also, The Crooked Hinge by classic mystery writer John Dickson Carr is available on Kindle this month for $2.99. Robert Anton Wilson recommended it thusly in Sex, Drugs and Magick: "Before dropping witchcraft and the solanaceae drugs, it is worth mentioning that John Dickson Carr has written a detective thriller, called The Crooked Hinge, revolving around a revival of witchcraft in which the members drink belladonna and imagine they are flying around on broomsticks or copulating with demons. Carr cooked this plot up before the current occult revival -- his book was published in 1937! It's still reprinted frequently in paperback and is worth your time. The surprise ending is a lulu." Hat tip to Gregory Arnott for reminding me about Carr. 

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