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Sunday, May 5, 2024

Jason Louv on 'Cosmic Trigger'


The 200th episode of Jason Louv's Ultraculture podcast is devoted to Robert Anton Wilson's Cosmic Trigger. Here is some of the description:

"In this special edition, Jason Louv revisits Robert Anton Wilson's 'Cosmic Trigger' — a pivotal book that explores the frontiers of magical and mystical thought. This episode delves into the utopian visions and relentless optimism of the early days of the Magical Revival, qualities that Jason passionately seeks to reignite in today's occult circles.

"In this episode, Jason not only reflects on the book's impact on his own journey into the realms of magic and consciousness expansion but also discusses how its predictions and philosophies are more relevant today than ever. With discussions ranging from space colonization and intelligence augmentation to the philosophical implications of extended life spans, this episode is a profound reassessment of a future that's slowly turning into reality."

It's actually a broadcast of a piece Louv wrote in 2014; I posted about it then.

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Jesse said...

Random connection: Here is RAW's friend Karl Hess reviewing a book by Louv's dad. (At least, I'm pretty sure that's his dad.)