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Friday, May 3, 2024

Background on the new 'Prometheus Rising' hardcover


After I published yesterday's surprise news about a Prometheus Rising hardcover (I had no idea it was on the works and learned about it when I saw a social media announcement), I decided maybe I could learn more. So I asked Rasa how it came about and if more hardcover editions of Robert Anton Wilson's titles were in the works. Here's what he told me: 

"We might offer hardcover editions of other titles, but this was an unexpected offer from Ingram that made this release possible. We are busy with other projects, but Ingram offered to do some of the leg work if we would publish the best selling book from our catalog, Prometheus Rising. We know that’s one book that people often go back to, to do the exercises or to just re-read, so making a hardcover seemed like a cool idea. We’ll keep you posted on future plans."

1 comment:

Hugh said...

I am a fan of the no-dust jacket hardback, so I am happy to see the artwork is on the actual book cover too. I will be taking off the dust jacket.

I also really like clothbound hardbacks. They are like works of art that warrant display, in my home. Two recent beauties that come to mind are Rubin’s “The Creative Act” and Kimmer’s “Braiding Sweetgrass (the Milkweed Press anniversary ed.).

I wonder just how well Prometheus is selling for them to have raised this, and also how much its sales surpass the next closest Hilaritas title?