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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Do you have a suggested guest for the Hilaritas Press podcast?

Actor Nick Offerman (Creative Commons photo

Mike Gathers does an excellent job as the host of the Hilaritas Press Podcast. Each podcast is released on the 23rd of the month, and you can browse the 33 episodes so far at the Hilaritas website. It's available on many podcasting apps. 

Mr. Gathers is asking for suggestions on future podcast guests. I'll offer my ideas here, and you can chime in with your suggestions in the comments. Please provide contact information, if possible, or explain how to track the guest down.

Here are my suggestions: Brian Dean (the guy who does the RAW Semantics blog and who wrote about RAW in his book on framing, Lazy Person's Guide to Framing: Decoding the News Media); RAW expert, writer and musician Michael Johnson; Prop Anon (I assume they have thought of him and are waiting for the RAW biography to drop this fall); Mike Shea (Robert Shea's son, executor of Shea's literary estate, I've interviewed him for this blog); actor Nick Offerman (who once said in a NY Times interview he wants to portray Hagbard Celine in an Illuminatus! adaptation), Jim O'Shaughnessy, widely-followed personality, big RAW fan and prominent philanthropist, as I write this he just posted about Alfred Korzybski; author Erik Davis; Daisy Eris Campbell, who did the Cosmic Trigger play; Steve "Fly" Pratt, author and musician; Kate Alderton, British actress who portrayed Arlen and an active Discordian,  and author Alan Moore. I've never been interviewed, either. Apologies to the obvious people I have missed. I'm sure I'll think of a couple of people once I hit "publish." I had another good  name, but the person wants to remain in the background. 

Whom did I miss? Put your suggestions in the comments, please. 


Chad said...

Mark Watts (Alan's son):

Chad said...

Victor Koman of KoPubCo (Samuel Konkin's literary estate) could be good too. He had some good stories about RAW when we spoke.

Eric Wagner said...

I think Mike should interview Tom Jackson. I like your suggestions as well.

Ronald Pottol said...

Robert Evans, of Behind The Bastards and Cool Zone Media podcasts, he's talked about Bob several times over the years. But I've mentioned him to Mike and Mike replied on Reddit, so unless this gets someone to reach Robert...

quackenbush said...

Brian Dean and Mike Johnson have both declined the offer.
PropAnon has me blocked on Twitter, so I assume he's not interested.
Mike Shea is now on the list.
Offerman would be great - no idea how to track him down.
Jim OShaughnessy is definitely on the list.
I had all sorts of scheduling challenges with Erik Davis and finally gave up. (I suggested the Tao of RAW and he thought that would tie in well with Discordianism, so that's worth pursuing again.)
Daisy has been on the list. Fly added. Kate added. TJ added.
Communication with Alan Moore goes through his assistant, and we haven't heard much. Worth trying again. I'm intimidated by him.
We were in touch with Mark Watts early on, but he was launching a big project around his dad's work, so worth trying again.
Victor Kooman's twitter strikes me as really, really angry, so I've not been interested, but sounds worth pursuing.

Van Scott said...

I suggested Denis McKenna to him a while back. Not sure if he followed up on it or not.

Doctor Richard Waterloo said...

That's some great work, Mike! Thanks for putting in the effort. I look forward to the 23rd of each month.

quackenbush said...

Not sure how to reach Robert Evans. Will keep trying.

Thanks everyone. Keep them coming!

quackenbush said...

Also, based on the list so far, contact info for Robert Evans and Nick Offerman would be helpful. The rest I think are reachable...

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

I guess I'll just have to keep reading Brian's blog and Michael's pieces in the new Hilaritas editions. I think they'd both be great on the podcast. But hey, they control their brand!

I Tweeted at Nick Offerman once and he answered, but I don't know how often that works.

Spookah said...

Yes, thank you for all your work with the podcast, Mike!

I'm thinking of Nick Herbert (maybe contact him through his blog )

Cat Vincent (perhaps John Higgs or some British Isles Discordian could help get in touch)

Bill Drummond or Jimmy Cauty or Rupert Callender (the three of them are undertakers together on the Pyramid of the People project, and Rupert wrote the book What Remains about it, which I liked a lot. )

Lance Bauscher

Spookah said...

Oh, and I was thinking as well of Marlis Jermutus. She had her book published by Hilaritas, after all.
Maybe even Bob's daughter Christina, that would be great.

Jesse said...

I was going to suggest Thomas Pynchon as a joke, but then it occurred to me that another literary Tom—Tom Robbins—might actually be gettable.

Oz Fritz said...

I like all the suggestions. I would add Grant Morrison.

A subject I suggest talking about in a future podcast is the Sufi influence on RAW. He was friends with Peter Lamborn Wilson and E.J. Gold and wrote of Sufism in Lion of Light and Cosmic Trigger I where he also discussed a Sufi exercise he did.

Lvx15 said...

William Egginton who’s most recent book hit on model agnosticism from several very RAW angles, quantum mechanics, literature and philosophy.

quackenbush said...

Thank you all. I have added most of these to my running list of ideas. I'm also looking at talking to a lot of the current authors at Original Falcon, plus Rasa has Terra II and The Sex Magicians near completion, so there are guests to book around those.

I like the idea of Sufism. And I've found it hard to find guests for a lot of the subject ideas. For example, I couldn't find anyone to discuss Nietzsche, much less Bruno and Vico. Original Falcon does have a book on Sufism, so maybe I can track down that author.

I love the idea of talking to Grant Morrison, but I'm concerned about the language barrier. :)

I spoke to Rasa a bit last night about all this. Tom Robbins and Nick Herbert are basically done being public facing figures. Nick, for example, told Rasa that he didn't have anything to say that hasn't already been said.

Folks like Dennis McKenna and Nick Offerman and Robert Evans are hard to connect with a "cold call" from a podcast where a popular episode nets 1000 downloads and 1000 youtube views, but I'll give it a shot. I am grateful for Rasa's rolodex of who he does know.

athinkingmeat said...


would love to hear

Lorenzo Hagerty

and Stanislav Grof