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Monday, May 13, 2024

Maybe Day celebration will return this year


It's time to start getting ready for Maybe Day, which will be celebrated on July 23.

Bobby Campbell, who organized the four previous celebrations of the work of Robert Anton Wilson, has announced that Maybe Day will return this year. Bobby also put together the first Maybe Night event last December.

"Let this serve as still another clarion call for RAW and/or Erisian art, video presentations, writing, and whatever else besides!" Bobby writes.

Please see this link for more details. Bobby also has helpfully included links to past Maybe Day celebrations. 


Bobby Campbell said...

Thanks for spreading the word, Tom!

I hope to have something especially special for everyone this year :)))

Eric Wagner said...

So cool that Bob does this. (I typed "Bobby" by mistake. I thought of him as Bobby back in 2005, and I still think of him that way.)