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Thursday, May 2, 2024

New hardcover edition of 'Prometheus Rising'

Hilaritas Press has just announced that a hardcover edition of Prometheus Rising is now available, from the usual book channel, such as this one.  RAW fans can still get a paperback, audiobook or ebook, but this is now an additional option. The above video, only about half a minute long, aims to offer an idea of what you'll be getting.

If you check out the video and look closely, you'll see copy on the flaps on the book jacket. Rasa explains:

"On the inside flaps of the new hardcover's jacket is a bit of text from Cosmic Trigger II. In his description of the 8 Circuits, RAW used the same placement of Circuits 6 & 7 that he used in Prometheus Rising. That differs from Tim Leary's version, but it should be noted that Leary said Bob's Prometheus Rising description of the circuits was better than his. See the Hilaritas Press's edition for an afterword that goes into that issue in detail. 

"Here's the text from Cosmic Trigger II that we added to the new hardcover's inside flaps."

 • • •

Circuits 1 to 4

Leary distinguishes eight types of intelligence. The first four are:

Bio-Survival Intelligence: seems mostly genetic and tells an animal or human how to find the nourishing and “supportive” and how to avoid the predatory or toxic.

Emotional-Territorial Intelligence: tells an animal how to read the body-language of another animal and know what the other animal is feeling (and, hence, what it will probably do next.) 

Semantic Intelligence: is based on genetic potential and early imprints but mostly is learned slowly, over years, from peers and instructors. It allows us to understand one or two symbol systems (or even several if we are clever) and perhaps to create a symbol-system of our own, sometimes.

Socio-Sexual Intelligence: allows us to manage our social and sexual relations in ways that keep us reasonably happy or at least out of jail.

Circuits 5 to 8 

Leary’s other four types of intelligence, which are rare in our society, are: 

Neurosomatic Intelligence: the “wisdom of the body” holistic physicians talk about;

Neurogenetic Intelligence: access to the “collective unconscious” or “species mind” where archetypes like the inward-turning spiral or King Kong are stored and, when activated, trigger leaps of intuition; 

Metaprogramming Intelligence: the capacity to turn on and tune in to each type of intelligence as needed; and

Non-Local Intelligence: which enables one to endure “mystical” experiences without coming out of them as a raving loony.

This description of the Eight Circuits of Intelligence, aka, the Eight-Circuit Model of Consciousness comes from Robert Anton Wilson’s Cosmic Trigger 2: Down to Earth.

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Hugh said...

holy sh*t, this is really exciting! more hardcovers please!