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Tuesday, May 14, 2024

I enjoyed the R.U. Sirius episode on Hilaritas Podcasts

R.U. Sirius (portrait at Hilaritas Podcasts episode page).

I have not listened to every one of the Hilaritas podcasts, but I've listened to almost all of them, and the recent one with R.U. Sirius/Ken Goffman was a highlight for me.

I particularly liked the anecdotes about Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson and the discussion of Timothy Leary's books. 

Ken is hoping some of you will check out his Bandcamp page and listen to his music (as is usual with Bandcamp, you can play  the songs before you decide to buy them). 

As usual, the official podcast page has links to some of the topics Ken and Mike Gathers discuss.

Listen here, or just use any podcasting app. 

The podcast ends on a bit of a cliffhanger. Ken talks about his memoir, Freaks In The Machine, which was about to be published when sudden changes at the publisher put the project in limbo. I asked for an update and was told today, "I'm afraid Freaks In The Machine is still in limbo. I also feel at this point it needs to be freshened up." It sounds interesting, but I guess we will have to wait. 

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