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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Warren Ellis on work for hire and 'F For Fake'


Warren Ellis signing autographs in 2012. (Creative Commons photo). 

The prominent British comics writer Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan, Global Frequency, Red, etc.) has an essay up about one of Robert Anton Wilson's favorite movies, "F For Fake." 

"Work for Hire and Orson Welles" discusses work for hire in the comics industry, e.g. "when one is hired to work on characters owned by the hiring company," established characters such as Batman, and the job Orson Welles originally took in as film editor for a documentary about the forger Elmyr, which Welles was able to transform into a project of his own.

"F FOR FAKE is in fact one of my favourite Welles films. It’s warm, clever, mischievous and relaxed. He shoots footage of his own crew. Whole scenes are set around a dinner table as Welles holds court and contextualises the material. It’s as close to having dinner with a happy and garrulous Welles as we’ll ever get. It’s also full of Welles’ interests, obsessions, and personal mythology," Ellis writes.

More here. 

Thank you to Rob Pugh for bringing this to my attention. 

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