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Saturday, December 23, 2023

News from John Higgs

The John Higgs newsletter arrived yesterday. You can read all of it here, but if it's more convenient, here is some of his news: 

"The East Sussex Psychedelic Film Club - ESP FC - is something I’ve been putting together with Andy Starke of Anti-Worlds and musician Richard Norris. It starts on 26 January with a screening of Performance plus Kenneth Anger shorts at the Westgate Chapel in Lewes. Tickets are available here but be quick, it’s not a big venue and will sell out soon.

"Other cult classics, obscurities and wonders will follow, including director Q&As. There will be a bar run by local brewers BEAK, a DJ and a little shop. If you’re in the area, keep an eye on its Instagram page for details of future screenings. Should be fun!

"The end of the year also means that the latest edition of The Mycelium Parish News is now available. If you’ve yet to see one of these wonders, it’s a yearly compendium of books, events, podcasts, interviews, music etc that originated from, or is of interest to, the Discordian-adjacent counterculture. If you’ve missed any great stuff, basically, you’ll find it listed here. Available from Etsy for £2.30.

"And finally - I don’t do a lot of interviews specifically about The KLF but I could not resist talking about them to Mark Ellen on the Word In Your Ear pod recently - you can find that here."

John also has an update on his new book: "Currently, however, I’m writing about Doctor Who. If you missed the announcement, my next book is EXTERMINATE/REGENERATE: THE STORY OF DOCTOR WHO. It’s a book about change, mystery and the role of fictional characters in our lives - there’s more details here, along with a pre-order link."

John also writes about Christmas, but I want to write about that bit tomorrow. 

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