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Monday, December 4, 2023

James Joyce and Aleister Crowley

Glenn Johnston's collection of editions of Ulysses. Pinned posting on X/Twitter. 

Joyce scholar Glenn Johnston on Twitter, on Dec. 1: "Aleister Crowley died OTD in 1947. He wrote The Genius of Mr. James Joyce for the July 1923 New Pearson's Magazine. Possible references to him in Finnegans Wake include 'Crowalley' (105.27), 'Croppy Crowhore' (129.12), and 'young crowy' (232.38)."

The replies were interesting, too. Reply from Sam Slote, professor at Trinity College, Dublin: "The Poetry Collection at Buffalo has the full run of Crowley's publications (as part of their remit to collect the works of all 20th century Anglophone poets and yer man did write poetry). And so his works – not Joyce's – are the most requested works at the Collection."


Eric Wagner said...

Crowley wrote an interesting piece on "Ulysses".

michael said...

This guy appears to have - typed out? - the entire Crowley article "The Genius of Mr. James Joyce":

I only have 3 copies of Ulysses hanging around the house, none of them the Gabler.

Oz Fritz said...

I'm working on a piece looking at Crowley in Finnegans Wake. I find a great deal of overlaps there apart from the mention of Crowley's name.