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Monday, December 11, 2023

Podcast discusses John Stuart Mill

John Stuart Mill

Describing his work as an editor at Playboy magazine, Robert Anton Wilson wrote in the first Cosmic Trigger book,

"My job was editing the letters in the 'Playboy Forum,' and also writing the italicized replies in which the Playboy position was stated. This position is straight old-fashioned mind-your-own-business John Stuart Mill libertarianism, and (since that is my philosophy as well as Hefner's) I enjoyed the work immensely."

While it's difficult to find a 19th-century thinker whose views align perfectly with my own, Mill's opinions generally age well, including his support for freedom of speech, women's rights and opposition to slavery.

I learned today that there's a podcast that explores Mill, featuring Tyler Cowen. 

Henry Oliver on Twitter: "I spoke to Tyler Cowen about John Stuart Mill, including where Mill remains relevant, how to read Mill properly, why Mill isn’t so influential today, whether Mill was a coherent thinker, why you should read Mill’s Bentham and Coleridge, and more."

The podcast is The Common Reader, I'm guessing it's on many podcasting apps, but here is a link to the podcast site. 

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