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Friday, December 15, 2023

Hilaritas edition of 'Sex Magicians' in the works

Posting by Rasa on Facebook: "An upcoming Hilaritas Press republishing project in the effort to keep RAW's books in print. RAW's daughter Christina just sent this to me so I'd have the original to work from. I haven't read this yet. I was waiting until it became a work project. I'm looking forward to it.

"One question I've had in thinking about a 2nd edition is what to put on the new edition's cover. The original cover seems iconic for the topic and the genre, but I'm not sure it would fly in today's market. Or am I overthinking it. Maybe I need to read the book."

The Sex Magicians is not on the Hilaritas Press list of upcoming editions, but apparently it is in the works. It's one of the few RAW works I haven't read, either. 



Spookah said...

This cover is quite something indeed, ahah...
I also enjoy the alluring promise of 'an epidemic of orgies".

Eric Wagner said...

Thanks to Eddie Nix for buying this rare book for Bob Wilson, and thanks to Mike Gathers for making the book available online.

Rasa said...

I downloaded a PDF of the book a couple years ago when we first had the idea to republish it, but in looking carefully at the PDF, I see that some paragraphs and whole pages seem to be missing. I am so glad Christina had the original that I can scan myself. When I posted this news on Facebook, Eddy Nix wrote to say that the copy I have was probably the one he bought for Bob for $200. He said Bob didn't have a copy of the book. Many thanks to Eddy for securing this copy, and all the other great stuff he did for Bob over the years.

michael said...

It's the only RAW book I don't own, and I've followed used book sellers pricing over the years: never under $200 that I've seen.

And so, it was the only book I ever read online - a PDF that someone put up.

Around 7 months ago I tried to read it again, but the PDF was gone.

Sex Magicians was strictly from hunger and yet still fun AF.

It informs a lot of the SCT and there's character continuity with some of Illuminatus! I think it was on a smut press located in the San Fernando Valley.

The striking thing to me was how RAW saw "the Illuminati" as a floating signifier from the get-go: they're the "good guys" who know the secrets of cannabis and tantric sex - led by my favorite, Simon Moon. (Or is there another LAYER?...)

But the thing is filled with colorful vignettes and is crammed with ideas, as all his fiction is. I look forward to reading about the conspiracy theory TV game show again.

Rarebit Fiend said...

How wonderful! I love The Sex Magicians! It's a great occult potboiler that has glints of true magic in it's insane plot.