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Thursday, December 28, 2023

The Lost Doctor Annual

 The Lost Doctor Annual, currently being offered here, is a new hardback book. Here is part of the blurb: "In this beautifully produced 164-page hardback book, in the style of old Christmas annuals of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, we bring you stories, games, facts, and fun, from The Universe Next Door.

"In 1987, the contenders for the role of the Seventh Doctor had been narrowed down to two people: Sylvester McCoy, and his mentor Ken Campbell. Sylvester got the role, when BBC decided that Campbell (whose audition channelled Doctor Manhattan from the recently-published Alan Moore comic Watchmen) was too scary for children. Yes, this really happened.

"But what if Campbell had got the job? In the universe next door, he did. Join us for the adventures of... The Lost Doctor."

See the link for a discussion of the contents, and there are contributions from the likes of Tom Calderbank, Ben Graham and Bobby Campbell. 

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Louise Dodd said...

I had the opportunity to read the annual, it’s amazing the imagination and combined writing, musical talent’s such a lot of work gone into the list doctor.
I have to say it was the most exciting part of Christmas 2023, like being a kid again getting to read a brilliant annual.