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Thursday, December 21, 2023

Happy Maybe Night!

Maybe Night, Bobby Campbell's new event that's a spinoff of his annual Maybe Day celebration on July 23, is today! See what's available here.

Here's Bobby's explanation for Maybe Night when I interviewed him: "(Joseph Campbell claimed that the dream that comprises James Joyce's Finnegans Wake takes place on December 21st, and that also coincides with Terence McKenna's proposed Novelty Wave singularity, that may or may not have occured on 12/21/2012, making the winter solstice very fertile ground for maybe logical workings!)."

The available material includes a Maybelogues discussion.  It features Bobby, Eric Wagner, Vincent Murphy, Oz Fritz, Prop Anon and Peter Quadrino. 


Anonymous said...

From Iain Spence:
Thank you for organising Maybe Night Bobby, and thanks for your colourful graphics bringing it all to life. There's too much to soak in, in just one evening. Plenty to explore in the next few days.
And thank you for keeping your blog going this year Tom. It's always a handy go-to place for all things RAW.
Merry Solstice,

Spookah said...

Big thanks to Bobby Campbell for putting together this event. Looks like a lot of cool reading material, and I am looking forward to the Maybelogue.
Oh, frabjous day!