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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

British Discordian news

Lots of news in Michelle Olley's December 2023 Mycellium Newsletter, which you can read here. 

There's an announcement on a publication John Higgs also recently mentioned:

"The best place to find out all about 2023’s bountiful harvest of books, events, podcasts, dramatic tributes, vision quests, must-read newsletters, free libraries, people’s pyramids, porcine plays, gong baths, pop operas, poetry, metaprogramming courses, dream symposiums and more is in Dan Sumption and Orbific’s annual almanac, Mycelium Parish News - a lovely new tradition bursting with heart and art - out now and available for a bargain £2.30 via Etsy HERE."

Also: Daisy Campbell is teaching an online writing course, an event featuring music and comedy, The Great Imagining is "a real world attempt to boost eco-positive initiatives and manifest replicable green future practices in the here and now," and a new The Lost Doctor Annual. 

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