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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Aleister Crowley on James Joyce

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Michael Johnson in his comment to yesterday's post, points out an interesting article: “The Genius of Mr. James Joyce” by Aleister Crowley, published in 1923, an article which praises Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man and Ulysses. The article is reproduced in a blog post at Nocturnal Revelries, which is devoted to reviews of horror and occult books. If the blogger lists his/her/their name, I didn't see it. Excerpt from Crowley's article:

"Every new discovery produces a genius. Its enemies might say that psych-analysis—the latest and deepest theory to account for the vagaries of human behavior—has found the genius it deserves. Although Mr. Joyce is  known only to a limited circle in England and America, his work has been ranked with that of Swift, Sterne, and Rabelais by such critics as M. Vatery, Mr. Ezra Pound and Mr. T. S. Eliot."

Nocturnal Revelries also has a review of RAW's Masks of the Illuminati. 

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