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Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Consider a follow for Grant McPhee

I reported last month that Grant McPhee, a Scottish movie director and also an expert of Scottish rock music, making a movie about the Illuminatus! play and the Liverpool School of Language, Music, Dream and Pun.

I started following McPhee's Twitter/X account, really only because I didn't want to miss any news about the upcoming movie. The above photo is from a Dec. 10 posting, captioned, "Happy birthday to Ken Campbell who would have been 82 today.

"Here he is with Illuminatus co-director, Chris Langham coming out of stage manager, Chris Bernard's body."

But I've also discovered that I enjoy McPhee's rock music posts. They are mostly Scottish bands I admit to being (mostly) unfamiliar with, but he also posts photos of wider interest. Below is a photo posted after Denny Laine's death was announced.

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