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Monday, July 10, 2023

Today's listening tip

Garaj Mahal (Facebook photo). 

Steve Fly, e.g. Steve Pratt, on Twitter: "One my fav. Garaj Mahal tunes, called "Be Dope" here live in San Francisco 2001 at the DNA Lounge. Some memorable heavy funk. Many thanks to Archive for such an expansive GM collection."

Garaj Mahal is a jazz fusion band that Steve sometimes has performed with, with Steve performing as a DJ on turntables. Here is another performance Steve likes. 

I should explain that some bands, not just the Grateful Dead, allow their performances to be recorded live by fans and posted on the internet. The Internet  Archive hosts many such recordings.  I am a fan of one the bands that allows this, the Gin Blossoms.

You can browse a Garaj Mahal collection at the Internet Archive, and a Gin Blossoms collection. 

1 comment:

Eric Wagner said...

I used to hear the Gin Blossoms in Tempe, Arizona, a bunch before their first album came out.