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Monday, July 17, 2023

James Joyce ebook on sale

I usually check Amazon's monthly deals for ebooks, and I noticed a book on sale for July that might interest some of you.

The Last Words of James Joyce by James Broderick is a new novel, here is part of the publisher's description: "A disgruntled Community College professor who loves literature but loathes his students. A homicide detective who takes her inspiration from Patti Smith' s punk period. A cult of Christian zealots who livestream actual crucifixions. And a writer of porn movies whose career does not have a happy ending. All of them connected by a lost manuscript written by one of the twentieth century' s greatest writers. (That is, if it exists.)At the heart of this multi-faceted narrative is Lucia Joyce, James Joyce' s daughter and muse, a brilliant and visionary woman whose life remained shadowed by the specter of madness. Was she the recipient of her father' s last masterwork?" Manhattan Book Review said, "“This fascinating novel goes beyond just outrageous characters and a fun storyline. Broderick delves into the life of Lucia Joyce, making this book an entertaining mystery with a dash of historic fiction.” The Kindle is on sale for $2.99.  The ebook is NOT on sale at the Barnes and Noble website. 

As "James F. Broderick," Broderick is the author of several books, including James Joyce: A Literary Companion (McFarland Literary Companions, 17). Here is his faculty page. 

Perdurabo, Revised and Expanded Edition: The Life of Aleister Crowley by Richard Kaczynski also is on sale as a $1.99 ebook.   See this discussion when it was previously on sale. 

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